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The 2,400 square-foot Manse was built in 1910 and the most recent upgrade was in 2015, when the kitchen was completely remodeled with new custom cabinets, sink and faucet, microwave range hood and range. The refrigerator and dishwasher were almost new so they remained. The floors were stripped to the original subfloor and new underlayment and tile were laid in the kitchen and utility room. We refinished the beautiful hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms and repainted all rooms on the main floor. There is also a half-bath on the main floor. New drapes were installed in the living and dining rooms. The second floor has four bedrooms and a full bath as well as a sleeping porch. The master bedroom was repainted during our upgrade. The two-car unattached garage has had new garage doors installed and both have openers. 

FPC Manse-0679
FPCJC Manse-1099-
FPCJC Manse-1085
FPCJC Manse-1086
FPCJC Manse-1089
FPCJC Manse-1083
FPCJC Manse-1084
FPCJC Manse-1088
FPCJC Manse-1092
FPCJC Manse-1091
FPCJC Manse-1090
FPCJC Manse-1093
FPCJC Manse-1094
FPCJC Manse-1096
FPCJC Manse-1095
FPCJC Manse-1098
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