Celebrating 150 Years

Minute of Church History

  • This historic information has been gathered by the Sesquicentennial Committee

  • It was presented on four different Sunday’s during the church service as a “Minute of History.”

Additional history

  • In 1966 the manse was remodeled and redecorated at a cost of $4000 to prepare for the arrival of Rev. Dr. Wilbur DeYoung and family.
  • The Rev. William Salzmann arrived as Associate Pastor in 1967.
  • A new social group for the military wives was organized.  Mrs. Madge Kennedy was the first Parish visitor to Military Personnel.  They met weekly with a variety of activities.  The program continued until 1997.
  • Who remembers hand-held fans? The congregation was pleased when air conditioning was installed in 1968.
  • Rod Craft, member of the Christian Nature Committee was assigned the task of implementing a youth program. Elders Mary Carrier, Jim Pendarvis (father of Terrah Stroda) and Dr. George Nenstiel were designated to also serve. The youth program was to be tried on a trial basis and several areas in the church could be used.
  • In 1969 the First Presbyterian Foundation was organized not for profit, but to receive, invest, and administer gifts of money for the benefit of the religious, charitable, and educational purposes of the church.
  • July 1969, the session participated in the presentation of the God and Country Award to James Hicks. His parents were Dan and Mitsu Hicks. 

Our organists through the years

  • Abbie Moses - 41 years
  • Marjorie Merritt - 3 years
  • Ramona Printz-Smith - 17 years
  • Ernestine Hallman - 1 year
  • Nancy Rutherford - 1 year
  • Vaudene Field - 36 years
  • Joe Markley 
  • Anne Otte - current organist
  • Mitchell Jerko - current organist

An old minister once said, “The true church was living, loving, liberal, and laborious. The test of the worth of a church is what it has done for the community where it is located.”

An Historical Peek
Written in 1999 By Josephine Munson --Updated in 2017

For more than 130 years, the First Presbyterian Church of Junction City has been giving out the Light and Power of the Gospel, and serving the community.

The church was organized on March 8, 1868, with eleven members. It was the fourth church in Junction City. The first church was the Episcopal in 1859, then the Catholic in 1861, and the Methodist in 1865.

The first meeting place was east of the City Park in a building called “The Corncrib.” Later, services were held in Brown’s Hall, north of the Park. By April 15, the Reverend John A. Anderson was called to be the first pastor. The building was first used on Christmas Eve, 1870, when the Stars and Stripes were run up to the top of the tower.

After five years, the Reverend Anderson was elected to be the first president of Kansas State Agricultural College. Under Mr. Anderson’s guidance and ministry, the church showed great growth. Within a few years an education building and a Manse were built. This building served well until World War I came and the need for a larger building was seen. In 1920, the building was torn down, the present sanctuary was constructed. Again the need for more room, so the Manse was torn down and the present Education Building constructed in 1965. The present Manse was purchased from the A. L. Wagenseller family in 1955.

During the more than 149 years the congregation has experienced two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam and Desert Storm and most recently, the War on Terror. The church has responded to the needs of the military community. Now in 2017, the Presbyterian Church is supporting many community outreach programs---the Food Pantry, Open Door, and the Salvation Army. The church has served the community well.

1921 / current structure

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