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Christian Education

The mission of the Christian Education Committee of the First Presbyterian Church of Junction City is to encourage and support a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ through educational programs and activities designed to include people of all ages.

Digital Media Communications

The responsibility of the Digital Media Committee is to manage the church's online social media presence and to broadcast the weekly church services to the public via Facebook and Youtube.  


The responsibility of the church Facilities Committee is to oversee the facilities maintenance and renovations for the church, manse and building grounds and to receive, review, and approve building use requests.


The responsibility of the church Finance Committee is to manage church financials; plan, develop, and execute the annual operating budget; review monthly expenses and income and reconcile with treasures report; approve off-budget expenditures, and recommend operations policies and procedures to session.

Mission Fellowship Evangelism

The Mission/Evangelism committee is responsible for encouraging support for local and global missions. The committee informs the congregation of areas needing immediate financial and spiritual support and encourages members in various ways to address these needs. The committee also promotes fellowship among church members through dinners and outings, striving to open these events to others in our community who are without a church family. The committee also extends a welcome to visitors to our church and encourages them to return.


The personnel committee is responsible for the following items: recommending to session, position descriptions for staff and volunteer positions; review and recommend to session, compensation packages for all staff; recommend to session, personnel policies; encourage professional growth and development for all staff; recommend to session, ways to manage risk liabilities related to staff and volunteer work; provide for a review process for all staff to assist in work planning; provide support for the pastor and other members of the staff; and field concerns from members, regarding staff. In addition, the personnel committee confers with the pastor on any important issues of concern.


The primary responsibility of the worship committee is to plan, manage, and execute all the various elements that constitute the worship service. Special emphasis is placed on bringing praise and glory to God through a meaningful, joyful, engaging, and inviting worship service. Primary responsibilities include: 1) designate committee members to lead the serving of communion and recruit church members to serve; 2) identify members of the congregation who will serve as head usher for each month; 3) in coordination with the Pastor and Church Secretary, make certain that worship leaders and video/audio operators are in place for each worship service; 4) assist the Pastor and church music staff with planning and conducting worship services at our church, and 5) critique and analyze services of worship at this church as well as consider new ways to improve and conduct those services.

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